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Disease relevance of Arboviruses


High impact information on Arboviruses

  • Arbovirus and rickettsial infections among combat troops during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm [6].
  • The specificities of these assays were determined by testing a battery of reference strain viruses, including representative strains of LAC virus and other arthropod-borne viruses [7].
  • Comparative genetic amino acid alignments revealed that p-distance cut-off values of 0.330-0.470 distinguished the arthropod-borne viruses according to their recognized serogroups and Rio Bravo and Apoi virus were assigned to two distinct non-vectored virus groups [8].
  • No correlation between development of EPA and the pre-existence of ADE titres was apparent, nor could sera raised against a related arbovirus, Barmah Forest, enhance RRV infection [9].
  • S.A.AR86 and Girdwood S.A., two South African Sindbis-like arboviruses, are closely related antigenically to the Swedish isolate, Ockelbo82 [Lundström, J. O., Vene, S., Saluzzo, J. F., and Niklasson, B. (1993) Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 49(5), 531-537] [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Arboviruses

  • By complement fixation tests, the antigen was cross-reactive with heterologous California group arbovirus hyperimmune mouse ascitic fluids, but to a lesser degree than was the standard sucrose-acetone-extracted infected suckling mouse brain antigen [11].
  • Cold stress-induced neuroinvasiveness of attenuated arboviruses is not solely mediated by corticosterone [12].
  • A remarkable increase in HA titers for weakly haemagglutinating Norwegian arbovirus strains, Uukuniemi and Runde viruses, was achieved by including treatment with the colloidal silica gel Aerosil in the antigen preparation scheme [13].
  • Surveillance of arbovirus infections in the Atlantic Forest Region, State of São Paulo, Brazil. I. Detection of hemagglutination-inhibiting antibodies in wild birds between 1978 and 1990 [14].
  • These data suggest that octenol should be considered as a supplement to CO2-baited EVS traps for mosquito-based arbovirus surveillance in southeast Queensland [15].

Biological context of Arboviruses


Anatomical context of Arboviruses

  • Blood sera from 185 Czechoslovak citizens, residents of South-Moravia (Znojmo district: 107, Breclav district: 13) and East-Slovakia (Roznava district: 65) regions, were examined for the presence of neutralizing antibodies to Bhanja arbovirus, using PS and Vero cell lines, constant dose of virus and serial serum dilutions [20].

Gene context of Arboviruses

  • A new arbovirus was isolated from Texas, U.S.A., populations of the Cliff Swallow parasits Argas (Argas) cooleyi Kohls and Hoogstraal, 1960 [21].
  • Only 7 isolations of other arboviruses have been described (3 of Maguari, 1 of Aura, 2 of Una, and 1 of an untyped Bunyamwera group virus) [22].
  • A virus belonging to the TbE complex of arbovirus group B (tick-borne flavivures), was finally isolated from the CSF [23].
  • The complement fixation-inhibition (CFI) test was described for the detection of antibodies to arboviruses in bird sera [24].
  • Health risks from tick-transmitted arboviruses on Australia's Great Barrier Reef [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Arboviruses


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