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T cell proliferation by direct cross-talk between OX40 ligand on human mast cells and OX40 on human T cells: comparison of gene expression profiles between human tonsillar and lung-cultured mast cells.

Mast cells (MCs) are the primary effector cells in allergic reactions and have also been found to activate T cells and to reside in close physical proximity to T cells. However, the molecular mechanisms involved in the MC-T cell interaction remain unclear. We hypothesized that human tonsillar MCs, which locate in the interfollicular areas, might interact with T cells. Thus, we first established a culture system of human tonsillar MCs and then compared gene expression profiles of tonsillar MCs with that of lung MCs before and after aggregation of FcepsilonRI by using high-density oligonucleotide probe arrays. Here we show that resting tonsillar MCs, when compared with lung MCs, revealed significantly higher expression levels for CC chemokines (CCL3 and 4), which recruit T cells, and for TNFR superfamilies (OX40 ligand and 4-1BB ligand), which induce proliferation of T cells. After aggregation of FcepsilonRI, not only tonsillar MCs but also lung MCs up-regulated the expression of these molecules. We confirmed that T cell proliferation is induced in direct cross-talk by the MC surface molecule OX40 ligand. These results suggest that human MCs may play important roles in adaptive immunity through the T cell responses.[1]


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