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Lidocaine tape (Penles) reduces the pain of botulinum toxin injection for Meige syndrome.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficacy of lidocaine tape in reducing pain during botulinum toxin injection. DESIGN: Randomized double-blind study. METHOD: Six men and four women with a diagnosis of Meige syndrome undergoing botulinum toxin injection were recruited.Lidocaine tape was applied to the eyelid skin of a randomly selected eye and placebo tape to the other eye. Pain during botulinum toxin injection was evaluated subjectively by a visual analogue scale. Side effects were also monitored. RESULTS: Mean subjective pain both on puncturing skin and on injection in the lidocaine group was significantly lower than that in the placebo group. Nine of 10 patients found lidocaine tape to be more effective than placebo tape in reducing pain during injection. CONCLUSIONS: Lidocaine tape is a simple and convenient method of reducing pain during botulinum toxin injection. This method is recommended for patients reluctant to receive this treatment because of pain during injection.[1]


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