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Pain Measurement

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Disease relevance of Pain Measurement

  • Both drugs improved constipation as assessed by the patient by means of a visual analogue scale, but cisapride did so to a larger extent than placebo [1].
  • Dyspnea was assessed by Borg and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), plotted against the percent fall in FEV1, and expressed as the slope of the regression line (Slope-Borg and Slope-VAS) [2].
  • In a double-blind controlled trial in nine patients with tinnitus we measured the lidocaine plasma concentrations during and after intravenous administration of lidocaine or placebo and scored the level of tinnitus on a visual analog scale [3].
  • IENF density was compared with neuropathic pain intensity (measured with the Gracely Pain Scale), patient and physician global pain assessments, quantitative sensory testing, CD4 counts, and plasma HIV RNA levels both at baseline and at conclusion of the placebo-controlled phase [4].
  • Retrospective analysis of another study revealed that mexiletine recipients (225 to 675 mg/day) who described their pain as stabbing, burning or formication on the pain-rating-index-total instrument of the McGill Pain Questionnaire, experienced statistically significant reductions in VAS pain scores after 5 weeks, compared with placebo recipients [5].

Psychiatry related information on Pain Measurement

  • Compared with placebo, paroxetine treatment significantly (P<.001) improved the symptoms of social anxiety as shown on the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale, Social Phobia Inventory, Sheehan Disability Scale, Symptom Checklist-90 score, and EuroQol visual analogue scale, indicating decreased disability and increased well-being [6].
  • Secondary endpoints included body image evaluation (determined by ABCD questionnaire), facial aesthetic satisfaction (determined by Visual Analogue Scale), and aesthetic pre- and post-picture comparisons by independent reviewers [7].
  • The primary endpoints were the physical and mental health summary scores (PHS; MHS) of the MOS-HIV as well as a global visual analogue scale (VAS) score [8].
  • At regular time intervals hunger feelings were measured using visual analogue scales and food selection lists and plasma CCK was measured by radioimmunoassay [9].
  • The level of vigilance was first determined by assessing drowsiness using visual analogue scales and/or by several psychometric tests in four pharmacoclinical studies in healthy subjects or in hypertensive patients: three studies with single administration of rilmenidine (0.5 to 3.0 mg) and one study with repeated administration for three days [10].

High impact information on Pain Measurement


Chemical compound and disease context of Pain Measurement


Biological context of Pain Measurement


Anatomical context of Pain Measurement


Associations of Pain Measurement with chemical compounds

  • Craving and anxiety were measured before and after cues with visual analogue scales for desire to use cocaine now and for mood changes [31].
  • Of twenty-eight visual analogue scales rating mood and arousal, the subjects' ratings in the tyrosine treatment (9 g daily) and placebo periods differed significantly for only three (less tired, less drowsy, more alert) [32].
  • FINDINGS: L-NMMA reduced pain intensity on the visual analogue scale significantly more than placebo: 120 min after start of treatment, the mean pain score was decreased from 49 to 33 with L-NMMA and from 44 to 40 with placebo (p=0.01) [33].
  • Plasma prolactin and cortisol levels were used as neuroendocrine measures, whereas subjective responses were measured using a visual analog scale of 10 different mood states [34].
  • Ethanollike subjective effects were assessed using the Sensation Scale and visual analog scales to measure the degree of similarity to the effects of ethanol, cocaine, and marijuana [35].

Gene context of Pain Measurement

  • RA patients were clinically evaluated with a modified Health Assessment Questionnaire (M-HAQ), joint score, face scale, and visual analog scale (VAS) assessing pain and disease activity [36].
  • Patients received anti-TNF therapy, and changes in scores on the Short Form 36 (SF-36), SF-6D, modified Health Assessment Questionnaire, and visual analog scales for patients' assessments of pain, fatigue, and global status from baseline to followup examinations at 3 and 6 months were compared [37].
  • In the course of treatment IL6 and MMP-3 levels decreased significantly, accompanied by a drop in serological markers (C reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate) and clinical disease activity (visual analogue scale and Thompson joint score) [38].
  • In addition, the global assessment of disease activity by both physicians and patients, duration of morning stiffness, pain visual analog scale score, and Health Assessment Questionnaire were all improved by etanercept plus MTX therapy [39].
  • No association between the MRI or US estimates of inflammation and values on the visual analog scale for pain, Health Assessment Questionnaire, duration of morning stiffness, ESR, or CRP was found [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pain Measurement


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