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RNase-L regulates the stability of mitochondrial DNA-encoded mRNAs in mouse embryo fibroblasts.

Accelerated decrease in the levels of mitochondrial DNA-encoded mRNA (mt-mRNA) occurs in neuronal cells exposed either to the excitatory amino acid, glutamate or to the sodium ionophore, monensin, suggesting a role of mitochondrial RNase(s) on the stability of mt-mRNAs. Here we report that in mouse embryo fibroblasts that are devoid of the interferon-regulated RNase, RNase-L, the monensin-induced decrease in the half-life of mt-mRNA was reduced. In monensin (250 nM)-treated RNase-L(+/+) cells the average half-life of mt-mRNA, determined after termination of transcription with actinomycin D, was found to be 3h, whereas in monensin-treated RNase-L(-/-) cells the half-life of mt-mRNA was >6h. In contrast, the stability of nuclear DNA-encoded beta-actin mRNA was unaffected. Induction of RNase-L expression in mouse 3T3 fibroblasts further decreased the monensin-induced reduction in mt-mRNA half-life to 1.5h. The results indicate that the RNase-L-dependent decrease in mtDNA-encoded mRNA transcript levels occurs through a decrease in the half-life of mt-mRNA, and that RNase-L may play a role in the stability of mt-mRNA.[1]


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