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In vitro visualization of respiratory neuron activity in the newborn mouse ventral medulla.

To clarify the neuronal organization of the respiratory center of the mouse, we analyzed the spatio-temporal pattern of respiratory neuron activity in the ventral medulla of a newborn mouse preparation, using optical recordings. We also demonstrated optical images of the respiratory activity of two different lines of knock-out mice (Tlx3-/-, Pbx3-/-) that exhibit respiratory failure leading to neonatal death from dysfunction of central respiratory neuron activity. In the wild type mice, the respiratory neuron activity in the para-facial region of the rostral medulla appeared prior to inspiratory activity in the more caudal ventrolateral medulla. This rostral to caudal activity pattern was basically preserved in Tlx3-/- mice though the activity was more dispersed and weaker than in the wild type mice. Such an activity pattern was not clearly detected in Pbx3-/- mouse preparations. The difference in the spatio-temporal pattern between Tlx3-/- and Pbx3-/- suggests different levels of functional disorder of the respiratory center.[1]


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