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Gene Review

Pbx3  -  pre B cell leukemia homeobox 3

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Homeobox protein PBX3, Pre-B-cell leukemia transcription factor 3
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Disease relevance of Pbx3


High impact information on Pbx3

  • Among PBC family members, Pbx2 and very low levels of Pbx3 were observed in the thymi of wild-type mice [3].
  • Pbx3-deficient mice develop to term but die within a few hours of birth from central respiratory failure due to abnormal activity of inspiratory neurons in the medulla [2].
  • We demonstrate here that one member of this family, Pbx3, is expressed at high levels predominantly in the developing central nervous system, including a region of the medulla oblongata that is implicated in the control of respiration [2].
  • We also demonstrated optical images of the respiratory activity of two different lines of knock-out mice (Tlx3-/-, Pbx3-/-) that exhibit respiratory failure leading to neonatal death from dysfunction of central respiratory neuron activity [4].
  • 5. During early organogenesis, until E12.5, Pbx3 expression is found mostly in the embryonic head, forelimbs, and septum transversum, unlike Pbx1 and Pbx2 expression which is more widespread [1].

Biological context of Pbx3


Anatomical context of Pbx3


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