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Effect of delta22-5beta-taurocholenic acid on hepatic cholesterol and fatty acid in gold thioglucose obese mice fed low- or high-fat diets.

We previously demonstrated that hyperglycemic-obese (obob) mice fed a 1% corn oil diet accumulated 10 times as much hepatic cholesterol as did their non-obese (+/?) littermates fed this diet because of difficulty in removal of cholesterol from the liver rather than from increased synthesis. Furthermore, feeding the bile acid analog Delta(22)-5beta-taurocholenic acid completely prevented the accumulation of hepatic cholesterol in obob mice fed the 1% corn oil diet. The hypothesis to be tested in the current study is that these aspects of cholesterol metabolism in the obob mouse do not occur in the hyperinsulinemic and insulin-resistant gold thioglucose obese mouse. Gold thioglucose obese (gtgo) and non-obese (ngtgo) mice were fed diets containing either 1% corn oil or 40% lard each with or without added taurocholenic acid for 6 weeks and then given a 250 mg meal of [U-(14)C]-glucose with incorporation of label into hepatic cholesterol and fatty acid measured 2 hours later. Consistent with earlier results in the obob model, incorporation of labeled glucose was significantly increased in obese compared with non-obese mice fed 1% corn oil and significantly reduced either by feeding 40% lard or by adding taurocholenic acid to the diet. In addition, taurocholenic acid greatly increased incorporation of labeled glucose into hepatic cholesterol in obese or non-obese mice fed either diet. In contrast to obob mice, the percentage of fat in the liver of gtgo mice was increased only 50% compared with ngtgo mice. The comparable increase in obob mice was 480%. Hepatic cholesterol did not increase significantly in the liver of gtgo mice fed 1% corn oil when compared with the ngtgo controls. The comparable increase in obob mice fed 1% corn oil was 350%. Also in marked contrast to obob mice, feeding taurocholenic acid increased hepatic cholesterol compared with non-obese controls fed either diet. The results are discussed in the light of the presence of circulating leptin in gtgo but not in obob mice.[1]


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