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Chemical Compound Review

Thioglucose     (2R,3S,4S,5R,6S)-2- (hydroxymethyl)-6...

Synonyms: beta-D-Glc-SH, beta-D-Glcp-SH, CHEMBL132376, CPD-3742, AG-H-00245, ...
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Disease relevance of glucose


High impact information on glucose


Chemical compound and disease context of glucose


Biological context of glucose

  • We propose that the thioglucose-alpha' chain bond was formed during the course of C activation by a reaction between the "labile binding site" of newly released C3b and the (then) particle-bound sugar [15].
  • The injection of gold thioglucose led to increased food intake in both PBB/Ld and C57B1/6J mice [16].
  • The present studies have examined the diurnal rhythm of corticosterone in genetically obese mice and in mice made obese by treatment with gold thioglucose [17].
  • Extrahepatic fatty acid synthesis from a 250 mg meal of [U-(14)C]-glucose was measured in epidymal fat pads and the remaining carcass of hyperglycemic obese (obob), gold thioglucose obese, and nonobese controls under conditions of maximum and minimum lipogenesis [18].
  • Effect of gold thioglucose-induced obesity on adipose tissue weight and cellularity in male and female mice suckled in large and small litters: investigations into sex differences and site differences [19].

Anatomical context of glucose


Associations of glucose with other chemical compounds


Gene context of glucose


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of glucose


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