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Mesocestoides corti: a LIM-homeobox gene upregulated during strobilar development.

To understand the molecular processes regulating morphological changes during cestode life histories we focused on homeodomain (HD) proteins, a family of transcription factors essential for pattern formation during development. In this study we report the isolation of the partial sequence of MvLim, a LIM-HD gene of Mesocestoides corti. Other members of this gene family, characterized in Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans and vertebrates contribute to cell fate determination of various neuronal subtypes. Phylogenetic analyses showed that MvLim clusters with members of the LIN-11 group and that platyhelminths have at least two different LIM-HD genes. By real time PCR we determined that MvLim expression is 20-fold greater in segmented worms than in tetrathyridia. The enhancement of MvLim expression during strobilation could be associated to changes in the innervation pattern occurring in proglottids development.[1]


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