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Implementation of a radiology information system/picture archiving and communication system and an image transfer system at a large public teaching hospital--assessment of success of adoption by clinicians.

In 2001 a radiology information system/picture archiving and communication system (RIS/PACS) was installed at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Brisbane, with electronic image transfer links to other major hospitals in Queensland. An assessment study is being performed of the effect of the ready availability of radiology results on clinicians, clinical decision making and the time taken to treat patients. A series of structured interviews with senior clinicians at the PAH began in July 2002. Administrative data are being collected from the PAH computer system. Preliminary results from the first six months of the study suggest that the introduction of the RIS/PACS at the PAH has been well received by senior clinicians and has been helpful in clinical decision making. Patient management has been improved and the time taken to arrive at clinical decisions has been reduced, particularly in neurosurgery. The RIS/PACS has significantly improved access to imaging resources for teaching, owing to the ability to retrieve reference images and to project high-quality images during teaching sessions. However, the introduction of the RIS/PACS has not reduced patient length of stay.[1]


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