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  • Effect of piracetam on level of consciousness after neurosurgery [8].
  • Optimal conditions were determined for the measurement of MAO activities in both the platelet and cerebral cortex, obtained from 14 patients with epilepsy during clinically indicated neurosurgery [9].
  • Eighteen patients were subjected to neurosurgery, and a tumor sample was used for dopamine receptor and D(2) isoform expression evaluation by RT-PCR and the in vitro functional studies [10].
  • During galanin infusion, no reductions in GH levels were observed in the acromegalic patients cured after neurosurgery (group 2); on the contrary, 6 of 7 patients displayed a normal stimulatory response to galanin (range of GH increase, +120-1533.3% of the basal level) [11].
  • We sought to evaluate the effectiveness of esmolol vs placebo in 40 patients emerging from general anesthesia for neurosurgery [3].

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