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The deubiquitinating enzyme Ubp1 affects sorting of the ATP- binding cassette-transporter Ste6 in the endocytic pathway.

Deubiquitinating enzymes (Dubs) are potential regulators of ubiquitination-dependent processes. Here, we focus on a member of the yeast ubiquitin-specific processing protease (Ubp) family, the Ubp1 protein. We could show that Ubp1 exists in two forms: a longer membrane-anchored form (mUbp1) and a shorter soluble form (sUbp1) that seem to be independently expressed from the same gene. The membrane-associated mUbp1 variant could be localized to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane by sucrose density gradient centrifugation and by immunofluorescence microscopy. Overexpression of the soluble Ubp1 variant stabilizes the ATP- binding cassette-transporter Ste6, which is transported to the lysosome-like vacuole for degradation, and whose transport is regulated by ubiquitination. Ste6 stabilization was not the result of a general increase in deubiquitination activity, because overexpression of Ubp1 had no effect on the degradation of the ER- associated degradation substrate carboxypeptidase Y* and most importantly on Ste6 ubiquitination itself. Also, overexpression of another yeast Dub, Ubp3, had no effect on Ste6 turnover. This suggests that the Ubp1 target is a component of the protein transport machinery. On Ubp1 overexpression, Ste6 accumulates at the cell surface, which is consistent with a role of Ubp1 at the internalization step of endocytosis or with enhanced recycling to the cell surface from an internal compartment.[1]


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