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The morphological analysis of vasculature in thyroid tumours: immunoexpression of CD34 antigen.

Angiogenesis represents an important process manifested in tumour growth and in development of metastases. Using immunohistochemistry, the authors evaluated number of vessels in various nodular lesions of the thyroid (54 cases). Expression of CD34 antigen and microvessel density were evaluated in sections of archival paraffin blocks originating from the Department of Pathological Anatomy, University Medical School and the Lower Silesia Centre of Oncology in Wrocław, Poland. Microvessel density was assessed in ten different fields per section in "hot spots". Expression of CD34 was quantified using computerised image analysis and, then, mean micrvessel count (MVC) and microvessel area (MVA) were calculated. In thyroid tissue with benign lesions, the MVC (31.7) was higher than in neoplastic lesions (22.3), although no differences in MVA were observed. This observation points to differences in the size of newly formed vessels in individual nodular lesions of the thyroid.[1]


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