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Onset of acetaminophen analgesia: comparison of oral and intravenous routes after third molar surgery.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this randomized double-blind study was to compare the efficacy and safety of propacetamol 2 g (an i.v. acetaminophen 1 g formulation) administered as a 2-min bolus injection (n=50) or a 15-min infusion (n=50) with oral acetaminophen 1 g (n=50) or placebo (n=25) for analgesia after third molar surgery in patients with moderate to severe pain after impacted third molar removal. METHODS: All patients were evaluated for efficacy during the initial 6 h period after treatment administration (T(0)) and for safety during the entire week after T(0). RESULTS: The onset of analgesia after propacetamol was shorter (3 min for bolus administration, 5 min for 15-min infusion) than after oral acetaminophen (11 min). Active treatments were significantly better for all parameters (pain relief, pain intensity, patient's global evaluation, duration of analgesia) than placebo (P<0.05). Adverse events were more frequent after propacetamol, especially pain at the injection site. Propacetamol bolus resulted in a much higher incidence of local adverse events than the infusion (propacetamol bolus 90% vs propacetamol infusion 52%) with no clinically significant benefits in terms of analgesic efficacy. CONCLUSION: I.V. propacetamol, administered as a 15-min infusion, is a fast-acting analgesic agent. It is more effective in terms of onset of analgesia than a similar dose of oral acetaminophen.[1]


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