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Molar, Third

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Gene context of Molar, Third

  • A mutation in the MSX1 gene, detected in a single family, resulting in an Arg-->Pro substitution in the homeodomain of the protein product of this gene has previously been associated with the deficiency of second premolars and third molars [30].
  • The second and the third molars appeared to initiate their development by the interaction between the epithelial cells and NCAM-expressing mesenchymal cells [31].
  • Twenty pulps were obtained from freshly extracted human third molars; they were then processed and labeled with I-IGF-1 [32].
  • However, the third molars in the op/op mouse became obscured by the proliferation of neighboring bone trabeculae [33].
  • Is NT-4 a recent addition to the neurotrophic factor repertoire in search of a crucial function, or is it an evolutionary relic, a kind of wisdom tooth of the neurotrophin family [34]?

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Molar, Third


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