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Localization of am3 using EL congenic mouse strains.

EL/Sea mice have 100% incidence of the absence of third molars (M3). Our previous linkage analysis using EL/Sea and MSM/ Msf mouse strains provides statistical evidence of a major locus for the absence of M3, designated am3, of EL/Sea at the middle region of chromosome 3. To obtain independent evidence for linkage and more precisely determine the location of the am3 locus, we generated EL/Sea congenic strains for am3 in which the restricted interval of chromosome 3 of EL/Sea was replaced by an MSM/ Msf-derived homologue. EL/Sea congenic mice that were either heterozygous or homozygous for the MSM/ Msf-derived interval exhibited a significant decrease in the incidence of the absence of third molars, confirming previous genome scan results. These results confine the am3 locus to an approximately 4.4-cM region, and demonstrate that other unmapped genes are also involved in the absence of M3 in EL/Sea mice.[1]


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