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Prohibitin: a potential target for new therapeutics.

Prohibitin (PHB) is localized to the mitochondria where it might have a role in the maintenance of mitochondrial function and protection against senescence. There is considerable controversy concerning the function of nuclear-localized PHB. PHB has potential roles as a tumor suppressor, an anti-proliferative protein, a regulator of cell-cycle progression and in apoptosis. PHB might also function as a cell-surface receptor for an as-yet unidentified ligand. Cell-associated PHB in the gastrointestinal tract has been implicated in protection against infection and inflammation and the induction of apoptosis in other tissues. The diverse array of functions of PHB, together with the emerging evidence that its function can be modulated specifically in certain tissues, suggest that targeting PHB would be a useful therapeutic approach for the treatment of variety of disease states, including inflammation, obesity and cancer.[1]


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