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Evidence for Cd101 but not Fcgr1 as candidate for type 1 diabetes locus, Idd10.

Among polygenes conferring susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in the NOD mouse, Idd10 on distal chromosome 3 has been shown to be important for disease susceptibility. In this study, we investigated the candidacy of Fcgr1 and Cd101 for Idd10, by congenic mapping and candidate gene sequencing. Among seven NOD-related strains studied, the IIS mouse was found to possess a recombinant Idd10 interval with the same sequence at Fcgr1 as the NOD mouse, but a different sequence at Cd101 from that in the NOD mouse with 10 amino acid substitutions. The frequency of type 1 diabetes in NOD mice congenic for IIS Idd10 (NOD.IISIdd10) was significantly reduced as compared to that in the NOD mouse, despite the presence of the identical Fcgr1 sequence. These data indicate that IIS mice possess a resistant allele at Idd10, and suggest that Cd101, but not Fcgr1, is responsible for the Idd10 effect.[1]


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