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Disease Susceptibility

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Disease relevance of Disease Susceptibility


Psychiatry related information on Disease Susceptibility


High impact information on Disease Susceptibility

  • Previous studies have suggested that desmopressin may reduce the bleeding diathesis that often complicates open-heart surgery [11].
  • Therefore, the patients with allergic asthma had significantly enhanced alpha-adrenergic responses when compared both to normal subjects and patients with allergic rhinitis; the possibility that increased alpha-adrenergic activity contributes to the asthmatic diathesis warrants further exploration [12].
  • In humans, disease susceptibility was mapped to a non-coding 6.1 kb 3' region of CTLA4, the common allelic variation of which was correlated with lower messenger RNA levels of the soluble alternative splice form of CTLA4 [13].
  • Here we show that although disruption of the thrombin receptor (tr) gene in mice causes about half of the tr-/- embryos to die at embryonic day 9-10, half survive to become grossly normal adult mice with no bleeding diathesis [14].
  • As INS is the major candidate gene from this region, diabetic and control sequence were compared to identify all INS polymorphisms that could contribute to disease susceptibility [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Disease Susceptibility


Biological context of Disease Susceptibility


Anatomical context of Disease Susceptibility


Associations of Disease Susceptibility with chemical compounds

  • The infusion of Factor Xa at a dose of 6.6 X 10(-12) mol/kg with phosphatidylcholine/phosphatidylserine (PCPS) lipid vesicles at a dose of 4.0 X 10(-8) mol/kg was associated with significant falls in the levels of fibrinogen and Factors V and VIII, and a bleeding diathesis developed [31].
  • This model strongly suggests that the disease susceptibility correlates quantitatively with the expression at the cell surface of a heterodimer, composed of a DQ alpha-chain bearing an Arg52 and a DQ beta chain lacking an Asp57 [32].
  • However, further analysis indicated that a lysine residue at position 71 of the DR beta polypeptide may be the most important determinant of disease susceptibility (P = 0.0000003; RR = 8.6, increasing to RR = 16.38 with four lysine residues) [33].
  • Therefore, the dth9 mutation defines a regulator of disease susceptibility that operates upstream or independently of salicylic acid [34].
  • Previously, ABA has been implicated in enhancing disease susceptibility in various plant species, but currently very little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenomenon [35].

Gene context of Disease Susceptibility


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Disease Susceptibility


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