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Ameloblastin and amelogenin expression in posnatal developing mouse molars.

Ameloblastin and amelogenin are structural proteins present in the enamel matrix of developing teeth. Here we report the results of in situ hybridization analyses with DNA probes of ameloblastin and amelogenin expression in the mandibular first molars of ICR/Jcl mice from postnatal day 1 to day 15. Ameloblastin mRNA expression was observed in ameloblasts at day 2 while amelogenin mRNA was detected in secretory ameloblasts at day 3. Significant expression of both molecules was observed at days 4, 5 and 6, after which the levels decreased. Amelogenin expression ended on day 10, while ameloblastin mRNA was only weakly detected on day 12. Neither amelogenin nor ameloblastin expression was observed in day 15 mouse molars. Amelogenin and ameloblastin mRNAs were restricted to ameloblasts. We conclude that amelogenin and ameloblastin expression is enamel-specific, and suggest that these genes might be involved in the mineralization of enamel. It is possible that ameloblastin could participate in the attachment of ameloblasts to the enamel surface. In this case, the downregulation of expression may indicate the beginning of the maturation stage in which the ameloblasts tend to detach from the enamel layer.[1]


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