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Tibolone: clinical recommendations and practical guidelines. A report of the International Tibolone Consensus Group.

An international multidisciplinary panel of experts in the management of the menopause met at the 4th Amsterdam Menopause Symposium in October 2004 to determine the specific place of tibolone, a synthetic steroid with a unique clinical profile, within the wide range of currently available postmenopausal therapy options. The consensus was that tibolone is a valuable treatment option for women with climacteric complaints. As well as relieving vasomotor symptoms, tibolone has positive effects on sexual well-being and mood, and improves vaginal atrophy and urogenital symptoms. Prevention of bone loss with tibolone is comparable to that seen with estrogen therapy (ET) and estrogen/progestogen therapy (EPT). As tibolone rarely causes endometrial proliferation, no additional progestogen is required. It also has good tolerability, being associated with a low incidence of vaginal bleeding and of breast pain. Tibolone does not increase mammographic density. Absolute numbers of women at increased risk for breast cancer are estimated to be low or absent with both tibolone and ET, and the risk with tibolone should be significantly lower than that with EPT. Tibolone might therefore be preferable to EPT in certain women who have not been hysterectomised. Based on the evidence available, the panel proposed a number of subgroups of postmenopausal women with vasomotor symptoms in whom tibolone might have added value; these included women with sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, fibroids and urogenital complaints, as well as those with breast tenderness or high mammographic breast density with EPT use.[1]


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