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Disease relevance of Leiomyoma


Psychiatry related information on Leiomyoma

  • Based on the evidence available, the panel proposed a number of subgroups of postmenopausal women with vasomotor symptoms in whom tibolone might have added value; these included women with sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, fibroids and urogenital complaints, as well as those with breast tenderness or high mammographic breast density with EPT use [6].
  • Vasectomized copulations protect against fibroids, an observation that undermines the steroid hypothesis and supports our hypothesis [7].

High impact information on Leiomyoma


Chemical compound and disease context of Leiomyoma


Biological context of Leiomyoma


Anatomical context of Leiomyoma


Gene context of Leiomyoma

  • Concomitantly, HMGA2 protein, which was completely absent in normal myometria, was expressed in 16 of 19 Eker leiomyomas [14].
  • HMGA1 was expressed in both leiomyoma and normal myometria [14].
  • Eker leiomyomas exhibited a 50% incidence of loss of the wild-type Tsc2 allele and an almost uniform loss of protein expression, implicating loss of function of the Tsc2 gene in these tumors [14].
  • We demonstrate here the occurrence of a somatic deletion at the COL4A5/COL4A6 locus at Xq22 in a frozen leiomyoma sample [19].
  • In addition, not only leiomyosarcoma, but also leiomyoma specimens that exhibited negligible levels of complex expression, manifested detectable cdk2 activity [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Leiomyoma


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