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Characterization of a 4 kb variant of the nifD element in Anabaena sp. strain ATCC 33047.

Heterocyst differentiation in some cyanobacteria is accompanied by a programmed DNA rearrangement within the nitrogen fixation gene nifD. The nifD element is excised from within nifD during the latter stages of heterocyst differentiation by site-specific recombination. There is considerable variation in those nifD elements examined thus far, with Nostoc sp. Strain PCC 7120 and Anabaena variabilis having 11 kb elements, and Nostoc punctiforme having a 24 kb element. Here we characterize a 4 kb nifD element in Anabaena sp. Strain ATCC 33047, and compare it with the other sequenced nifD elements. While there is considerable variation in both the size (ranging from 4 kb to 24 kb) and composition of the nifD elements examined thus far, there are regions that are conserved in all. These conserved regions include the flanking 3' and 5' regions, the xisA gene, and a small open reading frame known as ORF2 in Nostoc sp. Strain PCC 7120.[1]


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