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Glycogen debranching enzyme association with beta-subunit regulates AMP-activated protein kinase activity.

AMP-activated protein kinase ( AMPK) regulates both glycogen and lipid metabolism functioning as an intracellular energy sensor. In this study, we identified a 160-kDa protein in mouse skeletal muscle lysate by using a glutathione-S-transferase (GST)-AMPK fusion protein pull-down assay. Mass spectrometry and a Mascot search revealed this protein to be a glycogen debranching enzyme (GDE). The association between AMPK and GDE was observed not only in the overexpression system but also endogenously. Next, we showed the beta1-subunit of AMPK to be responsible for the association with GDE. Furthermore, experiments using deletion mutants of the beta1-subunit of AMPK revealed amino acids 68-123 of the beta1-subunit to be sufficient for GDE binding. W100G and K128Q, both beta1-subunit mutants, are reportedly incapable of binding to glycogen, but both bound GDE, indicating that the association between AMPK and GDE does not involve glycogen. Rather, the AMPK-GDE association is likely to be direct. Overexpression of amino acids 68-123 of the beta1-subunit inhibited the association between endogenous AMPK and GDE. Although GDE activity was unaffected, basal phosphorylation and kinase activity of AMPK, as well as phosphorylation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase, were significantly increased. Thus it is likely that the AMPK-GDE association is a novel mechanism regulating AMPK activity and the resultant fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake.[1]


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