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Passive adsorption of human antirrabic immunoglobulin onto a polystyrene surface.

The latex agglutination immunoassay technique uses polymer colloids as carriers of adsorbed proteins to enhance the antigen-antibody reaction. The aim of the present work is to study the adsorption of Human Antirrabic Immunoglobulin (HA-IgG) on polystyrene latex (PS). The physical adsorption of HA-IgG on PS latex was investigated as a function of pH at 2 mM ionic strength. The amount of HA-IgG adsorbed onto PS latex greatly depends on pH; its value showed a maximum in the neighborhood of the IEP of HA-IgG. The electrophoretic method was applied to characterize latex particles. The influence of the amount of HA-IgG adsorbed (J(ads)) on the electrophoretic mobility and zeta-potential values was also studied.[1]


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