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Evaluation of (111) indium-labeled autologous leukocyte scintigraphy for the diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis in patients with grade IV pressure ulcers, as compared with a standard diagnostic protocol.

Diagnosing osteomyelitis in patients with pressure ulcers is complicated by overlying soft-tissue inflammation and reactive bone formation. We set out to evaluate the efficacy of indium scanning in the diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis in spinal-cord-injury patients with grade IV pressure ulcers. The goal was to estimate the sensitivity and specificity of indium scanning as compared with diagnostic modalities previously evaluated by the principal investigator. Our method was a retrospective chart review of cases at a university hospital. Eleven patients with pressure sores and suspected chronic osteomyelitis underwent indium scanning. The results were compared with ostectomy specimens taken at the time of reconstructive surgery and/or bone biopsy. The sensitivity and specificity were 100% and 50%, respectively. Indium scanning appears to be more sensitive than specific. These data suggest that the value of indium scanning may primarily be to rule out osteomyelitis and not as a primary diagnostic modality.[1]


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