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Disease relevance of Osteomyelitis


High impact information on Osteomyelitis

  • CONCLUSIONS--Noninvasive testing adds significant expense to the treatment of patients with NIDDM in whom pedal osteomyelitis is suspected, and such testing may result in little improvement in health outcomes [1].
  • Predisposing factors leading to osteomyelitis included parenteral drug abuse in six patients and pelvic surgery in one patient [6].
  • Patients with nonautoimmune inflammation (osteomyelitis or tuberculosis) had normal MHC class I expression [7].
  • The commonest antibiotic used was clindamycin, and chronic osteomyelitis did not develop in patients treated with this antibiotic, whereas all 9 patients who had chronic sequelae necessitating sequestrectomy had received cloxacillin either alone or in combination with another antibiotic [8].
  • Ketoconazole and blastomycotic osteomyelitis [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Osteomyelitis


Biological context of Osteomyelitis


Anatomical context of Osteomyelitis


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Osteomyelitis


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