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Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Synthesis and inhibition of cytosolic/tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isozymes I, II, and IX with boron-containing sulfonamides, sulfamides, and sulfamates: toward agents for boron neutron capture therapy of hypoxic tumors.

A library of boron-containing carbonic anhydrase (CA, EC inhibitors, including sulfonamides, sulfamides, and sulfamates is reported. The new compounds have been synthesized by derivatization reactions of 4-carboxy-/amino-/hydroxy-phenylboronic acid pinacol esters with amino/isothiocyanato-substituted aromatic/heteroaromatic sulfonamides or by sulfamoylation reactions with sulfamoyl chloride. The new derivatives have been assayed for the inhibition of three physiologically relevant CA isozymes, the cytosolic CA I and II, and the transmembrane, tumor-associated isozyme CA IX. Effective inhibitors were detected both among sulfonamides, sulfamates, and sulfamides. Against the human isozyme hCA I the new compounds showed inhibition constants in the range of 34-94nM, against hCA II in the range of 3.1-48nM, and against hCA IX in the range of 7.3-89nM, respectively. As hypoxic tumors highly overexpress CA IX, the design of boron-containing inhibitors with high affinity for the tumor-associated CA isozymes may lead to important advances in boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) applications targeting such tumors, which are non-responsive to both classical chemo- and radiotherapy.[1]


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