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Changes in bit-mapped contingent negative variation (CNV) activity due to initial normal involutional processes of the human brain.

Bit-color mapped multicomponent CNV complexes and RTs to S2 evoked with a simple warned CNV/RT paradigm were recorded and measured in 20 selected right-handed very healthy volunteers (10 young adults and 10 presenile subjects, mean age 28.3 and 59.6, respectively). EEG and CNV components (post S1, N1, P2, P3; early CNV; N1200; late CNV; CNV resolution) were recorded from Fz, C3, Cz, C4, P3, Pz, and P4 referenced to linked mastoid electrodes. EOG, RT and stimuli were also recorded. The presenile group differed significantly from the younger group in the auditory post-S1 N1 and early (O-wave) and late (P-wave) CNV complex components. A progressive amplitude reduction limited to frontal leads between O-wave and P-wave, the lowest point being reached in the P-wave, was characteristic in the presenile group. Moreover, presenile subjects showed relatively flat CNV waveshapes of low amplitude and, on the whole, performed a little less well than young ones. This finding suggests that the statistically significant changes in auditory post-S1 N1 and CNV activity recorded in our presenile subjects, without any appreciable deficits in behavioral or mental performance, could be alerting signs of early brain involutional processes related to minimal and subclinical decline in orienting, attentiveness and response preparation capabilities. If such is the case, and it could be confirmed in a larger sample of very healthy subjects, these age-related changes in the presenium might prove to be of considerable practical importance for clinical research.[1]


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