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Demineralization and remineralization evaluation techniques--added considerations.

Methods used for the analysis of tooth de- and remineralization include techniques with various degrees of sophistication and quantitative capabilities, ranging from direct measures of mineral gain/loss (e.g., microradiography) to indirect measures (e.g., iodide permeability) of changes in tooth mineral properties. In all instances, the capabilities of methods for accurate determination of changes in tooth mineral properties are affected by procedures used in the preparation of specimens for analysis, the magnitude of change taking place in the test (vs. the detection limits of the techniques), and protocols for specimen analysis. In specific instances, such as in the case of dentin, unique specimen-handling and analysis procedures must be used to prevent artifacts. The choice of techniques for the assessment of de- and remineralization depends strongly upon study protocols and laboratory capabilities; however, 'quantitative' measures of mineral gain and loss are possible only if direct chemical or radiographic techniques are used. Either radiographic, cross-sectioned microhardness or polarized light can be used for the determination of lesion depth. Porosity, light-scattering, and surface microhardness are indirect techniques which complement direct measures of mineral gain and loss. Whatever methods are used in the analysis of de- and remineralization, researchers must take care to differentiate accurately among the quantitative capabilities of techniques used in analysis.[1]


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