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Disease relevance of Microradiography

  • Based on contact microradiography (CMR) observations, the osteocyte lacunae in the PTH group tended to be enlarged, compared with those of the control, while the average lacuna area was 137.0 microm2 in the PTH group versus 93.9 microm2 in the control, suggesting evidence of osteocytic osteolysis [1].

High impact information on Microradiography

  • Distribution of hydroxyapatite coincided with a similar distribution of calcium detected by a radiodense pattern using contact microradiography of the same sections before cytochemical staining [2].
  • Special bone histologic studies utilizing tetracycline labeling, undercalcified sections, and microradiography confirmed active osteoblastic activity [3].
  • DMB parameters (mean DMB, DMB Freq. Max. and Heterogeneity Index of the individual distributions of DMB) were measured using quantitative microradiography in cortical, cancellous, and total bone and expressed as g mineral/cm(3) bone [4].
  • Polarized light microscopy (PLM) and microradiography (MRG) showed significantly less demineralization with the H(3)PO(4) cavity surface treatment as revealed by ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparisons (p < or = 0.05) [5].
  • The mean degree of mineralization of bone (MDMB) was measured by quantitative microradiography on transiliac bone biopsies taken from 53 postmenopausal osteoporotic women who had been treated with alendronate (ALN; 10 mg/day) during 2 (9 patients) or 3 years (16 patients) or with placebo (PLA; 15 and 13 patients, respectively) [6].

Biological context of Microradiography


Anatomical context of Microradiography


Associations of Microradiography with chemical compounds

  • Although a control treatment (water) allowed caries-like lesions to form, as observed by microradiography, no lesions were found in either of the fluoride-treated groups [14].
  • Methods used for the analysis of tooth de- and remineralization include techniques with various degrees of sophistication and quantitative capabilities, ranging from direct measures of mineral gain/loss (e.g., microradiography) to indirect measures (e.g., iodide permeability) of changes in tooth mineral properties [15].
  • In the experiments which used a rabbit and a monkey, contact microradiography showed close contact between bone and diopside [16].
  • A subsequent test of acid resistance in a lactic acid buffer (pH 4.0), followed by microradiography of lesions, showed a characteristic 40-microns-wide acid-resistant zone on surfaces exposed to the GICs [17].
  • Sodium caseinate at a level of 2% w/v in a 3% sucrose-3% glucose-salt solution (pH 7.0) prevented sub-surface enamel demineralization over a ten-day period as shown by microradiography and microhardness [18].

Gene context of Microradiography

  • During the 3rd, 4th, 7th, or 10th week, the BMP-induced bones were removed and observed by contact microradiography (CMR), H&E staining, enzyme histochemistry for tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP), and immunohistochemistry for cathepsin K [19].
  • In areas of calcification vizualized by Von Kossa staining and microradiography, immunostaining using polyclonal antibodies against calcium-binding proteins showed osteopontin positive staining and no staining for osteocalcin, bone sialoprotein or osteonectin [20].
  • The effect of degree of saturation with respect to hydroxyapatite (DSHA) on enamel section demineralization was studied by contact and scanning microradiography (CMR and SMR) [21].
  • The calcification of 32 bioprostheses donated by different manufacturers (SJM Bioimplant, Biocor standard, Biocor No-React, Carpentier-Edwards SAV, Bravo, pericardial prototype) was assessed after up to 25 x 10(6) cycles by microradiography and the areas of calcification were compared with the holographic interferograms [22].
  • For interactive effects between injuries, we studied the extent and temporal pattern of circulating interleukin 6 (IL-6) levels via immunoassay and callus formation at fracture sites by means of microradiography [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Microradiography


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