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Chemical Compound Review

Iodide-123     iodide

Synonyms: CHEMBL1249, iodine-123(1-), I-123, AC1L366B, 69239-56-1, ...
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Disease relevance of iodide


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Chemical compound and disease context of iodide


Biological context of iodide

  • The known occurrence of methyl iodide in natural waters and our demonstration that Me4Pb is readily synthesized from this reagent and Pb(II) salts in aqueous solution could have far reaching significance not only for the chemical synthesis of toxic organoleads but also for possible mechanisms of microbiological methylation [20].
  • In vivo injection of fluorochromes such as 5,5',6,6'-tetrachloro-1,1',3,3'-tetraethylbenzimidazolcarbocyanine iodide; 3,3'dihexyloxacarbocyanine iodide; or HE allows for the detection of cells that are programmed for death but still lack nuclear DNA fragmentation [21].
  • Iodination of cells in suspension results in lactoperoxidase-specific iodide incorporation with no loss of cell viability under the conditions employed, less than 3% lipid labeling, and more than 90% of the labeled species identifiable as monoiodotyrosine [22].
  • The kinetics of binding of [3H]acetylcholine in the presence and absence of 30 micron carbamoylcholine to occupy acetylcholine binding sites, [14C]-meproadifen [2-(diethylmethylaminoethyl)-2,2-diphenylvalerate iodide ] was bound with a dissociation constant, KD, of 0.3 +/- 0.1 micron to 0.3 +/- 0.1 site per [3H]alpha-toxin site [23].
  • By using a potential-dependent J-aggregate-forming delocalized lipophilic cation, 5,5',6,6'-tetrachloro-1,1',3,3'-tetraethylbenzimidazolocarbocyanine++ + iodide (JC-1), we find that membrane potentials across mitochondria in a living cell can be heterogeneous [24].

Anatomical context of iodide

  • The isolated plasma membrane was recovered in high yield (28%) and enriched 30-fold in terms of incorporated iodide [25].
  • Mast cells, when supplemented with H2O2 and iodide, are cytotoxic to mammalian tumor cells as determined by 51Cr release, and transmission and scanning electron microscopy [26].
  • The generation of these oxidants is linear with neutrophil concentration, favored at alkaline pH, and inhibited by supraphysiologic concentrations of iodide or bromide [27].
  • To identify small-molecule correctors of defective cellular processing, we assayed iodide flux in DeltaF508-CFTR-transfected epithelial cells using a fluorescent halide indicator [28].
  • We examined planar sections stained for VIP by the avidin-biotin complex method, measured VIP content in mucosa and muscularis propria by radioimmunoassay, and compared neural structures reactive to VIP antiserum with those revealed by osmication in the presence of zinc iodide [29].

Associations of iodide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of iodide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of iodide


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