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Designed ferromagnetic, ferroelectric Bi(2)NiMnO(6).

A newly designed ferromagnetic, ferroelectric compound, Bi(2)NiMnO(6), was prepared by high-pressure synthesis at 6 GPa. The crystal structure, as determined by synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction, is a heavily distorted double perovskite with Ni(2+) and Mn(4+) ions ordered in a rock-salt configuration. The presence of 6s(2) lone pairs of Bi(3+) ions and the covalent Bi-O bonds give ferroelectric properties with T(CE) of 485 K, while -Ni(2+)-O-Mn(4+)-O-Ni(2+)- magnetic paths lead to a ferromagnetism with T(CM) of 140 K. This simple material design to distribute two magnetic elements with and without e(g) electrons on B sites of Bi- and Pb-based perovkites can be applied to other Bi(2)M(2+)M'(4+)O(6) and Pb(2)M(3+)M'(5+)O(6) systems to search for newer ferromagnetic ferroelectrics.[1]


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