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Relative bioavailability of deuterium-labeled monoglutamyl tetrahydrofolates and folic acid in human subjects.

The bioavailability of orally administered monoglutamyl folic acid and various (6S)-tetrahydrofolates was examined in humans with stable-isotope methods. Folic acid (PteGlu), tetrahydrofolate (H4folate), 5-formyl-H4folate, 10-formyl-H4folate, and 5-methyl-H4folate were prepared for oral administration in 3',5'-2H2 labeled (d2) form, and [glu-2H4]folic acid (d4-PteGlu) was prepared for intravenous injection. In each of five trials, fasting adult males (n = 7) on a folate saturation regimen (2 mg/d) were given a single oral dose of one of the d2-folates in apple juice, as well as an intravenous injection of d4-PteGlu as a control. Urine was collected for 48 h and the isotope labeling of urinary folates determined by mass spectrometry. Isotope excretion ratios of urinary folates were used as criteria of bioavailability (pooled SE = 0.10): PteGlu (1.53, least squares mean), 10-formyl-H4folate (1.02), 5-methyl-H4folate (0.99), 5-formyl-H4folate (0.1.13), and H4folate (0.71). These results indicate that differences exist in the bioavailability of monoglutamyl folates under these experimental conditions. This variation, whether due to differences in absorption or postabsorptive events, must be considered in quantitative studies of folate utilization with this type of protocol.[1]


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