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Injections, Intravenous

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  • However, intravenous injection of recombinant OPG over a 4-wk period could not reverse the arterial calcification observed in OPG(-/-) mice [36].
  • Finally, intravenous injection of sHA-induced DC emigration from the skin and their phenotypic and functional maturation in the spleen, again depending on the expression of TLR-4 [37].
  • A constitutively activated form of Stat3 (Stat3-C) was adenovirally overexpressed in mouse liver by intravenous injection, and then a nonlethal dose of Fas agonist (Jo2) was injected intraperitoneally into the mouse (0.3 microg/g body wt) [38].
  • Intramuscular, and more importantly, intravenous injection of mc13 cells result in muscle regeneration and partial restoration of dystrophin in mdx mice [39].
  • Intratumoral or intravenous injection of F105-P-complexed siRNAs into mice targeted HIV envelope-expressing B16 melanoma cells, but not normal tissue or envelope-negative B16 cells; injection of F105-P with siRNAs targeting c-myc, MDM2 and VEGF inhibited envelope-expressing subcutaneous B16 tumors [40].

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