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Regulation of neuronal P53 activity by CXCR 4.

Abnormal activation of CXCR 4 during inflammatory/infectious states may lead to neuronal dysfunction or damage. The major goal of this study was to determine the coupling of CXCR 4 to p53-dependent survival pathways in primary neurons. Neurons were stimulated with the HIV envelope protein gp120(IIIB) or the endogenous CXCR 4 agonist, SDF-1 alpha. We found that gp120 stimulates p53 activity and induces expression of the p53 pro-apoptotic target Apaf-1 in cultured neurons. Inhibition of CXCR 4 by AMD 3100 abrogates the effect of gp120 on both p53 and Apaf-1. Moreover, gp120 neurotoxicity is markedly reduced by the p53-inhibitor, pifithrin-alpha. The viral protein also regulates p53 phosphorylation and expression of other p53-responsive genes, such as MDM 2 and p21. Conversely, SDF-1 alpha, which can promote neuronal survival, increases p53 acetylation and p21 expression in neurons. Thus, the stimulation of different p53 targets could be instrumental in determining the outcome of CXCR 4 activation on neuronal survival in neuro-inflammatory disorders.[1]


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