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A physical map of the genome of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar.

A physical map of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) genome was generated based on HindIII fingerprints of a publicly available BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) library constructed from DNA isolated from a Norwegian male. Approximately 11.5 haploid genome equivalents (185,938 clones) were successfully fingerprinted. Contigs were first assembled via FPC using high-stringency (1e-16), and then end-to-end joins yielded 4354 contigs and 37,285 singletons. The accuracy of the contig assembly was verified by hybridization and PCR analysis using genetic markers. A subset of the BACs in the library contained few or no HindIII recognition sites in their insert DNA. BglI digestion fragment patterns of these BACs allowed us to identify three classes: (1) BACs containing histone genes, (2) BACs containing rDNA-repeating units, and (3) those that do not have BglI recognition sites. End-sequence analysis of selected BACs representing these three classes confirmed the identification of the first two classes and suggested that the third class contained highly repetitive DNA corresponding to tRNAs and related sequences.[1]


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