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Chemoprophylaxis of fascioliasis with triclabendazole.

In a field experiment, moderate to heavy natural concomitant infections with immature and mature Fasciola hepatica were treated with triclahendazole at a dose rate of 10 mg/kg and an efficiency of 99.8% was achieved. Subsequent treatments of all susceptible farm animals at the same dose rate at intervals of eight to eleven weeks were carried out for 14 months; no patent infections could be detected in sheep and cattle during the whole period. Evidence is presented that pasture contamination with liver fluke was reduced to a negligible level for a further 12 months after the final treatment. It is suggested that, if regular treatments with triclabendazole are given within the pre-patent period of Fasciola hepatica infection for the whole season, the infection can be eradicated or reduced to such a low level that control of the disease could be maintained with less frequent strategic drenching for a considerable period.[1]


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