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Structure of the Flavivirus helicase: implications for catalytic activity, protein interactions, and proteolytic processing.

Yellow fever virus (YFV), a member of the Flavivirus genus, has a plus-sense RNA genome encoding a single polyprotein. Viral protein NS3 includes a protease and a helicase that are essential to virus replication and to RNA capping. The 1.8-A crystal structure of the helicase region of the YFV NS3 protein includes residues 187 to 623. Two familiar helicase domains bind nucleotide in a triphosphate pocket without base recognition, providing a site for nonspecific hydrolysis of nucleoside triphosphates and RNA triphosphate. The third, C-terminal domain has a unique structure and is proposed to function in RNA and protein recognition. The organization of the three domains indicates that cleavage of the viral polyprotein NS3-NS4A junction occurs in trans.[1]


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