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Setaria cervi: kinetic studies of filarial glutathione synthetase by high performance liquid chromatography.

The bovine filarial worm Setaria cervi was found to have abundance of glutathione synthetase ( GS; EC activity, the enzyme being involved in catalysing the final step of glutathione (GSH) biosynthesis. A RP-HPLC method involving precolumn derivatization with o-phthalaldehyde has been followed for the estimation of GS activity in crude filarial preparations. Subcellular fractionation of the enzyme was undertaken and it was confirmed to be a soluble protein residing mainly in cytosolic fraction. Attempts to determine the Km value for L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteine gave a distinctly nonlinear double-reciprocal plot in which data obtained at relatively high dipeptide concentrations (>1 mM) extrapolate to a Km value of about 400 microM whereas data obtained at lower concentrations (<0.1 mM) extrapolate to a value of about 33 microM. Km was determined to be around 950 and 410 microM for ATP and glycine, respectively. The effect of various amino acids was studied on enzyme activity at 1mM concentration. L-cystine caused a significant enzyme inhibition of 11%. Preincubation with N-ethylmaleimide also resulted in significant inhibition of GS activity.[1]


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