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In situ measurement of solute transport in the bone lacunar-canalicular system.

Solute transport through the bone lacunar-canalicular system is believed to be essential for osteocyte survival and function but has proved difficult to measure. We report an approach that permits direct measurement of real-time solute movement in intact bones. By using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, the movement of a vitally injected fluorescent dye (sodium fluorescein) among individual osteocytic lacunae was visualized in situ beneath the periosteal surface of mouse cortical bone at depths up to 50 microm with laser scanning confocal microscopy. Transport was analyzed by using a two-compartment mathematical model of solute diffusion that accounted for the characteristic anatomical features of the lacunar-canalicular system. The diffusion coefficient of fluorescein (376 Da) was determined to be 3.3 +/- 0.6 x 10(-6) cm2/ sec, which is 62% of its diffusion coefficient in water and is similar to diffusion coefficients measured for comparably sized molecules in cartilage. The diffusion of fluorescein in bone is also consistent with the presence of an osteocyte pericellular matrix whose structure resembles that proposed for the endothelial glycocalyx [Squire, J. M., Chew, M., Nneji, G., Neal, C., Barry, J. & Michel, C. (2001) J. Struct. Biol. 136, 239-255]. To our knowledge, this is the first instance where the dynamics of molecular movement has been measured directly in the bone lacunar-canalicular system. This in situ imaging approach should also facilitate the analysis of convection-based transport mechanisms in bones of living animals.[1]


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