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Maturation of Borna disease virus glycoprotein.

The maturation of Borna disease virus (BDV) glycoprotein GP was studied in regard to intracellular compartmentalization, compartmentalization signal-domains, proteolytic processing, and packaging into virus particles. Our data show that BDV-GP is (i) predominantly located in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), (ii) partially exists in the ER already as cleaved subunits GP-N and GP-C, (iii) is directed to the ER/cis-Golgi region by its transmembrane and/or cytoplasmic domains in CD8-BDV-GP hybrid constructs and (iv) is incorporated in the virus particles as authentic BDV glycoprotein exclusively in the cleaved form decorated with N-glycans of the complex type. Downregulation of BDV-glycoproteins on the cell surface, their limited proteolytic processing, and protection of antigenic epitopes on the viral glycoproteins by host-identical N-glycans are different strategies for persistent virus infections.[1]


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