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Augmentation gastroplasty using a segment of transverse colon for corrosive gastric stricture.

BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Diffuse corrosive gastric stricture is a relatively rare entity, and gastric ablative procedures are traditionally recommended for it. We emphasize the importance of preservation of a cicatrized stomach and describe its augmentation using a segment of transverse colon. CASE REPORT AND PROCEDURE: A young female with a history of corrosive acid ingestion presented to our surgical unit with nonbilious vomiting following meals, consistent weight loss and features of gastric outlet obstruction. A barium study revealed a small-capacity stomach with pyloric stricture. We planned to augment the stomach capacity by using a segment of transverse colon. After documentation of a normal colon by barium examination, a 15-cm segment of transverse colon was harvested based on middle colic artery. This vascularized patch of bowel was united with the stomach that was opened up by a longitudinal incision made along the body. RESULT AND FINDING: A barium study on the tenth postoperative day revealed a good capacity and contour of the stomach and free entry of Barium into the small intestine. The patient is tolerating a normal meal and has no vomiting. At 3 months follow-up, the patient had a normal stomach radiologically and endoscopically, with a weight gain of 7 kg. CONCLUSIONS: Augmentation of corrosive gastric stricture by a segment of transverse colon is an innovative, practical, and useful procedure, although long-term results are awaited.[1]


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