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Chemical Compound Review

Barium-140     barium

Synonyms: AC1O3RML, 140Ba, 14798-08-4, Barium, isotope of mass 140
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Disease relevance of barium


High impact information on barium

  • Images in clinical medicine. Barium impaction in the sigmoid colon [6].
  • 3. Barium currents in PC12 cells could be separated into two components by selective antagonists [7].
  • 4. Barium and to a lesser extent calcium, but not strontium (all 20 mM), reduced the slope conductance of responses to NMDA recorded within +/- 15 mV of the reversal potential; over this limited range of membrane potential the current-voltage relationship remained linear in the presence of each of these ions [8].
  • 3. Barium (Ba2+) and strontium (Sr2+) permeate the Ca2+ channel with similar activation kinetics (ease of permeation; Ba2+ > Ca2+ > Sr2+) [9].
  • Micromolar concentrations of Mg alleviated the inhibition of root growth by Al but not by lanthanum, and neither strontium nor barium at the micromolar level alleviates Al toxicity [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of barium


Biological context of barium

  • Under Barium the action potential duration increased by a factor of 3 and its ischemic variations were minimized [12].
  • CONCLUSION: Barium swallow pharyngoesophagography is useful to detect underlying benign characteristic pathologies in patients with globus who have no known head and neck illness [13].
  • Gastric outlet obstruction was strictly defined to include patients with clinical delayed gastric emptying supported by symptoms, barium swallow studies, persistent air-fluid level and dilated conduit on radiography, or endoscopic or surgical intervention to improve gastric drainage [14].
  • An otolaryngology evaluation and barium swallow failed to show a piriform fistula [15].

Anatomical context of barium

  • METHODS AND RESULTS: Barium swallow showed an atonic esophagus, and scintigraphic study confirmed esophageal dysmotility [16].
  • RESULT AND FINDING: A barium study on the tenth postoperative day revealed a good capacity and contour of the stomach and free entry of Barium into the small intestine [17].
  • Barium enema revealed a "bird beak sign" at the splenic flexure, which confirmed the diagnosis of SFV [18].
  • CONCLUSION: Barium examination of the upper GI tract is useful in the evaluation of late sequelae of corrosive injury (acid/alkali) [19].
  • In addition, evacuation of barium oatmeal paste (with the consistency of stool and introduced into the rectum and descending colon) was assessed simultaneously using fluoroscopic techniques [20].

Associations of barium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of barium

  • DTS 5.1 and DFS. Barium enema by a junior specialist registrar: are the doses to patients acceptable [26]?
  • Special procedures such as double contrast Barium Enema, abdomino-pelvic CT-Scan and proctosigmoidoscopy addressed us to identify it as an intramural lipoma [27].
  • On laboratory investigation ANA was positive in 29 (87.9%) patients, dsDNA was raised in only four (12.1%), baseline chest X-ray was abnormal in 18 (54.5%), HRCT was abnormal in 27 (81.8%), abnormal PFT in 32 (96.9%), abnormal ECG in five (15.2%), and barium swallow abnormality in 19 (57.5%) patients [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of barium

  • RESULTS: Barium enema examination depicted six possible lesions in the nonvisualized colon after incomplete colonoscopy; five were found to be true-positive radiographic findings, and one was found to be a false-positive finding [29].
  • CONCLUSION: Barium enema examination may be used as a complementary method of cancer surveillance with endoscopy [30].
  • The postoperative course was uneventful, and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and barium enema were unremarkable [31].
  • We have performed a retrospective study to assess the accuracy of this radiographer service by reviewing those patients who have been examined by both Barium enema and colonoscopy/flexible sigmoidoscopy to determine agreement, and reasons for disagreement [32].
  • The investigations generated were 48 colonoscopies, 77 flexible sigmoidoscopies, 77 Barium enemas, 2 CT scans and 34 ultrasound scans [33].


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