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Colon, Transverse

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Disease relevance of Colon, Transverse


High impact information on Colon, Transverse

  • Transit of the luminal contents was measured by following the movement of 99mTC-diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid instilled as a bolus in the splenic flexure [6].
  • Movement of the luminal contents was measured by following the movement of technetium 99m-ethylenetriamine-pentaacetic acid that was instilled as a bolus in the splenic flexure [7].
  • Mucosal atrophy and focal dysplasia were present more frequently in specimens taken from the rectum (but not the splenic flexure) of dimethylhydrazine-treated animals than of control animals, but there was no correlation between the histochemical markers and either atrophy or dysplasia [8].
  • The effects of neurotensin on colonic motility were investigated in 6 healthy volunteers (rectosigmoid area) and 7 patients (ascending colon and at the splenic flexure) [9].
  • 4. Spinal anaesthesia produced by intrathecal lidocaine increased the motility of the transverse colon to a level which masked the gastrocolic reflex [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Colon, Transverse

  • In order to achieve gastro-intestinal continuity and to avoid the torrential fluid loss associated with high fistula, an anastomosis between the stomach and the transverse colon was formed [11].

Biological context of Colon, Transverse


Anatomical context of Colon, Transverse


Associations of Colon, Transverse with chemical compounds

  • Normal and DMH-treated male rats aged 18-20 weeks underwent surgical transection and anastomosis of the transverse colon [19].
  • He subsequently developed toxic dilatation of the transverse colon while on salicylazosulfapyridine and one week after discontinuation of prednisone [20].
  • 6. Castor oil strongly increased the occurrence of manometrically recorded propulsive giant contractions (500 to 1000% over control values) of transverse and distal colon, this effect being significantly prevented (80 to 100%) by SR 48968 and loperamide and partially by SR 140333 (35% distal colon, 70% transverse colon) [21].
  • SR 48692 (10 nM - 10 microM) antagonized the NT response competitively in the distal colon (pA2 6.55, slope 0.79) and non-competitively in the transverse colon (pA2 8.0, slope 0.51) [22].
  • In conclusion, the use of cisapride may improve visualization of the transverse colon, but it did not result in significant improvement in the overall preparation score [23].

Gene context of Colon, Transverse


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Colon, Transverse

  • The effects of morphine (0.1 mg/kg) and 5-HTP (2 mg/kg) on colonic motility were investigated in dogs fasted for 15-22 h and fitted with two strain gauge transducers on the transverse colon at 8 and 12 cm from the ileo-colonic junction [28].


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