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Micellization of casein-graft-dextran copolymer prepared through Maillard reaction.

Casein is almost insoluble at around pH 4.6, which is its isoelectric point (pI). Grafting copolymer, casein-g-dextran, was prepared through the Amadori rearrangement of the Maillard reaction. The copolymer has a reversible pH sensitive property: micellization at the pI of casein forming a casein core and dextran shell structure and dissociation when pH differs from the pI. The micelles produced at pH 4.6 have a spherical shape and their size is dependent on the Maillard reaction: reaction time, molar ratio of casein to dextran, and molecular weight of dextran used. Typically, the hydrodynamic diameter of the micelles is about 100 nm and the critical micelle concentration is about 10 mg/L. The micelles are very stable in aqueous solution and can be stored as lyophiled powder. The micelles are able to encapsulate hydrophobic compounds such as pyrene.[1]


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