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Cranial base in craniofacial development: developmental features, influence on facial growth, anomaly, and molecular basis.

The cranial base is of crucial importance in integrated craniofacial development. As distinct from facial bones, it is formed through endochondral ossification. The posterior and anterior cranial bases are derived from distinct embryologic origins and grow independently--the anterior cranial base solely from the neural crest, the posterior cranial base from the paraxial mesoderm. The anterior cranial base has more prolonged and active growth and exerts more influence on facial growth than does the posterior cranial base. Cranial base angulation is a unique feature in modern human beings. Cranial base anomalies have been identified in many genetic and developmental disorders. The molecular basis of cranial base development and growth is being clarified. In this review, these aspects of cranial base are discussed in detail, with a focus on developmental features, roles in craniofacial growth, anomalies, and the genetic basis of development.[1]


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