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Randomized controlled trial of an energy conservation course for persons with multiple sclerosis.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the short-term efficacy and effectiveness of a six-week energy conservation course on fatigue impact, quality of life and self-efficacy for persons with multiple sclerosis ( MS). METHODS: In this randomized controlled trial, we randomly assigned 169 persons with MS to an immediate intervention group or a delayed control group using a crossover design. The outcome measures: Fatigue Impact Scale, SF-36 Health Survey and Self-Efficacy for Performing Energy Conservation Strategies were measured before and after courses and no intervention control periods. We performed intent-to-treat analysis and compliers-only analyses using mixed effects analysis of variance models. RESULTS: Taking the energy conservation course had significant effects on reducing the physical and social subscales of Fatigue Impact Scale and on increasing the Vitality subscale of the SF-36 scores compared with not taking the course. Additional subscales were significant depending on methods of analyses. Self-Efficacy for Performing Energy Conservation Strategies Assessment increased significantly (P <0.05) postcourse compared to precourse. CONCLUSIONS: Results support the efficacy and effectiveness of the energy conservation course to decrease fatigue impact, and to increase self-efficacy and some aspects of quality of life.[1]


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