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Gene Review

IMPACT  -  impact RWD domain protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Imprinted and ancient gene protein homolog, Protein IMPACT, RWDD5
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Disease relevance of IMPACT


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Chemical compound and disease context of IMPACT


Biological context of IMPACT

  • Global Translational Responses to Oxidative Stress Impact upon Multiple Levels of Protein Synthesis [21].
  • Here we identified IMPACT, the human homolog of Impact, on chromosome 18q11 [22].
  • To reveal the structural basis for the difference in allelic expression between the two species, we elucidated complete genome sequences for both mouse Impact ( approximately 38 kb) and human IMPACT ( approximately 30 kb) [22].
  • An evolutionary scenario for genomic imprinting of Impact lying between nonimprinted neighbors [23].
  • Since Impact not only lies in an intergenic region but also consists of 11 exons, it does not seem to be an imprinted gene generated by a retrotransposition [23].

Anatomical context of IMPACT


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IMPACT


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